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Ziziphus jujuba latitude 37 ??legend
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     Latitude 37 ??, this magical number as if to the nimbus of the nature, it crossed over the region is full of human civilization and historical relics of a gathering place, the Bermuda Triangle, Shennongjia, Pyramid, Sicily. Chinese. Known as the "magic zone with many unexplained phenomena". "China Ziziphus jujuba town" of Leling, is also located in this article to create a magical land, provide irreproducible natural conditions for the growth of Chinese jujube.

Light legend:

   Jujube is light tree species, Leling city is located in north latitude 37 ??, relatively close to the sun. Full of sunshine time let each one dates are fully absorbed from the north temperate regions of the light and heat, to ensure that the "gold content of Leling jujube" the one and only with this a gilded signboard.

Soil legend:

    Leling region of the Yellow River alluvial plain, fertile land, especially Zhu Ji Zhen red dates producing area, mostly red clay soil, the PH value of 8 or more in general, some as high as 8.4, is very conducive to the growth of Chinese jujube.

The legend of water quality:

    According to old records, in 39 BC (the emperor WIKO five years), Leling the Yellow River diversion, the water for up to 50 years, resulting in surface and underground runoff flow, soil water movement under shallow water infiltration, more weakly mineralized water. Therefore, become the most suitable for the growth of area of Chinese jujube.


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